08 December 2009

Single Parents on Savvy Source

I often feel that, in the mommy/parent-blogging world, single parents are left underrepresented, with our particular needs brushed aside.  Although I think this is rarely intentional, I'm constantly reading helpful hints and tips about 'leaving the kids with dad so you can hit the gym' or 'getting out once the kids are in bed.' I can't help but grit my teeth a little bit when I read all the SAHM vs. WOHM Kerfuffle.  Some people don't have a choice.
If there isn't another parent in the household, it's all on you.  All the bathing and feeding and playing and nurturing and putting to bed, along with all of the household maintenance and grocery shopping and bill paying, along with all the wage earning and income producing.
I moved to SC because I needed to be near my family.  As a single mother of a young child, I needed a network of support; someone to pick up my son from daycare when I have to work overtime, a local emergency contact number in case school can't reach me.
I'm lucky.
Lots of single parents don't have those kinds of choices.  They don't have grandma's house to go to when making dinner just feels like it's too much. 
Know that when I say this I mean absolutely no disrespect to my friends and readers who have children within the confines of a stable relationship: Parenting is hard, but single parenting is harder.
I'm really, genuinely, deeply excited to be running a group for single parents over at My Savvy Source.  My Savvy Source is social networking for parents.  A safe environment in which to discuss favorite toys, books, your child's developments, tips and tricks, and so on.  I've been using the platform for a couple months now, and I really do love it as a parenting resource.  I would love it if YOU were a part of my community.
So parents please join me, and single parents please join my group.  My aim is to make it a fun, safe, comfortable environment to discuss single parenting and connect with other people going through similar experiences.  If you know any single parents, please consider sending them on over?
Love you madly.

Miss Grace

Single Parents