09 December 2009

Here and There and EVERYWHERE

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Creatures have not eaten my brain through my eye sockets while I sleep. Yet.  But!  They're on my 'dining room' (<---Term used loosely) table, and without fail, every morning since their birth, I've stumbled all bleary and confused into my kitchen only to be OVERCOME WITH A WAVE OF TERROR BECAUSE CREATURES ARE WATCHING ME.
It's just Pimp Santa.
Moving on.
Single Parents! Maybe you aren't one, but do you know any? Really trying to put together a good and fun and useful group over at the Savvy Source.  Please to be joining me.
On Sunday Kat and her boyfriend Jesse came over for crafting and day-drinking.  Kat helped Gabriel make made Gabriel a stocking and a mustache.  For realsies.



Even more awesome than you imagined, I bet! 
I've been using my slow cooker for my FAVORITE PURPOSE - the making of hot alcoholic beverages.  If you're doing cider, I highly recommend squeezing some orange juice in (I used some clementines that were about to jump ship).
Molly recommended butterscotch schnapps for a caramel apple effect.  That's next on the list of Things To Try.
I'll be in Vegas this weekend!
Find me!
Drink with me!
If I'm face down in a ditch, turn me over so I don't drown!