29 December 2009


My sister got me Sunshine by Robin McKinley for Christmas.   If you're looking for a vampires-meet-humans fluffy book that is, despite that, well-written, NOT an abstinence parable, and (bonus!) not a whole bunch of creepy lessons on how to let your boyfriend control you until you wind up barefoot and pregnant at 18 years old, let me recommend this.

(And whether or not you've read the Twilight books, let me recommend this piece of Twilight teardown hilarity)

I stayed up all night reading it, which is saying a lot because I'll choose sleep over almost everything.
It's funny, there's an appropriate level of romance, it's realistic insofar as a vampire book can be considered as such.  You should read it.

Also, Robin McKinley, was like, my FAVORITE author when I was ages 12 through 17ish, and continues to hold a special place in my heart all these 15 years later.  Beauty is also most excellent, and remains a favorite comfort book.
Disclaimer: My sister gave me this book for Christmas, and she did not pay me to review it, cuz that's just not how we roll in my family.