18 December 2009

Checking in on Ought Nine

 From Last Year:

*Make a THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL bid to lose that last 10lbs that'll bring me back to pre-prego weight.  Specifically, I must give up late night snacking, reinstitute my lunch time walking, and get back on the exercise train.
That didn't work, did it?
I am walking at lunch time, now I've got myself up to 2.5 miles in 50 minutes, which isn't too bad at all. And I've cut a lot of the junk. And? I've gained almost 10lbs over the course of the year. Well, I gained 15, which I'm now trying to lose, and I've lost 5 again, so overall, I'm up 10lbs since January.  I mean, it was a HARD YEAR. But still.  Le sigh.

*Stop expecting Gabriel's father to change/be reliable/be there when I need him/not torture me.  I need to let go of all of my expectations, and I think I'll be a lot happier and more peaceful.
Done and done. Not that that makes him less frustrating, but my mental state is a lot less tied up in his behavior. Which has been nice.

*Actually use my reuseable shopping bags.
Yes! I do this now! Not 100% of the time, but lots more of the time than before. 

*Develop Disgraced Shopping.  I need to put more energy in there, it's as simple as that.
Eh, sorta.  I've mainly been leaning on it as a review blog, but I haven't abandoned it? 

*Break this damned celibacy thing I have going on.  I mean, fuck...literally.
Pfft. Yeah....not really so much on that one. Sorta. But...not.

*Do more fun things on the weekends.  I mean more as in quantity of things, not quality of fun.
DONE. Both with fun kid things, and with fun adult things (<-as in grown-up time, not porn, just so we're clear).

*Pay down debt.
......ish.  I think my overall debt is about the same, redistributed in a slightly different way. If that makes sense.