23 November 2009

A SANTA question

If you are a single parent.
And have shared custody with the other parent.
And have a split holiday schedule.
And celebrate Christmas.
AND celebrate the Santa part.
OR if you have an opinion on the following.

I have a question for you!

What do you do for Santa? Does he come to both houses? Does he come to only the house that houses the child on Christmas morning that particular year? Do you split the cost of Santa gifts? Do you discuss what the Santa gifts will be? Is it necessary to come to some sort of consensus?

For informational purposes, this is the first year that K.Dot and I will have a formal actually real custody agreement. Gabriel will be spending Christmas Eve at my house, as he has every year. However in the past K has come over on Christmas and spent the morning at my house. This year K will be picking up Gabriel on the morning of the 26th, and taking him up to Sacramento to have a second 'dad Christmas' up there. So we're trying to hammer down our Santa mythology while the kid still believes in magic.

Also, so far twitter says that Santa should come to both houses.