18 November 2009


Today is my aunt Rebecca's 46th birthday.

Here she is holding me at my mom's graduation from UCSC, circa 1985:

Me & Rebecca

She is a FUN aunt. The kind that takes you on camping trips and road trips to New Mexico and trips to Hawaii and train rides to Santa Barbara.
She used to let us sleep over at her cabin and make us cocoa on her hot plate.

Rebecca's three kids, who I talk about an awful lot, who might be my very favorite first cousins, are Elijah, 10 years old and perfect playing age for my brother Daniel, 12.


Caleb, 6 years old and oftentimes companion of my nephew Simon, 6.


and Camille, 2 1/2, first girl born to our family since me(!), adored by all, played with especially by Gabey and Elliot (both 3)


I think maybe everyone forgot about Becca's birthday this year, or maybe no one could do anything because everything that's going on with meetings and lawyers and child care needs and blah blah blahbity blah.
But I hope she has a good day.