24 November 2009


I have a friend (who might end up reading this, hi! (and I would (and have) said this to her face, so no worries there))....
My parentheticals got too long.
Start over.
I have friend who smokes about a pack a day, premium, $6/pack cigarettes.
This bugs the shit out of me.
Not because smoking is unhealthy. EVERYONE knows that smoking is unhealthy.
You're a big girl, do what you feel.
Everyone gets a vice or two and don't let me stop you from reveling in yours.
I can't stand it because this friend is on an extremely tight budget, and on the edge of a moneypit precipice.
$200/month on cigarettes.
If she just smoked LESS, she could afford to buy more necessities for her family, or pay down a little more debt, or WHATEVER.