25 November 2009

Mallard Heels

I am strangely and unreasonably enchanted by these shoes. First I saw them and thought, "WTF are those duck shoes?? Why?" Then I realized that ohmygodyes those ARE duck shoes.
Then I stared at them for awhile.
Then I talked about them on twitter for awhile.
Then I sent the link to everyone I know.
Although every fashionable bone in my body is repelled by these shoes, they've cast some sort of unreasonable spell over me, and I can't stop thinking of them, or thinking of owning them.
Even though I know they are (a) unacceptable, and (b) $350.
And yet.
Look at them again.
It's hard to get them out of your head.
I need to be famous.
I think famous people can wear duck shoes.
From Anthropologie.


  1. holy shit I love these.

    I agree that they are like... completely fascinating. I wish we could both afford a pair, and then we could wear them at BlogHer 2010 and you just KNOW everyone would be like "hey, have you met those crazy bitches wearing the duck shoes yet?!"

  2. Haha. These are crazy but love them!

  3. I like the style of the shoe, but I think I'd prefer mine to have like, a little black sheep head on them instead of the duck.

  4. They are crazy but they are strangely beautiful :) I think everything Chie Mihara makes sort of casts a spell on you! I would cross my fingers desperately for a sale.