23 November 2009

Let's talk about Facebook!

Some features I'd like added so as to be better able to gossip via Facebook (with my sister):

1. Why can't you forward messages you get in fb to other users? So I could forward messages to my sister.
2. You know how if you're looking at a person or a picture or whatever you can 'share' it? And then send it as a message to someone to discuss? You should be able to do that with status updates. So instead of recapping in my own message, I could just forward them to my sister.
3. You should be able to save chats. Or forward them as messages. Or something. It should be like gmail, where there's a folder of gchat conversations that you can go through and read. And, most importantly, forward to other people, like my sister.
On a completely different, yet EVER SO SLIGHTLY related note, unless you specifically forbid me to tell anyone about something, with words such as, "Don't tell anyone this okay?" I will probably tell someone*. I'm a very good secret keeper if it's established that secrets are what I'm keeping, but I'm also an enthusiastic gossip. Just FYI.
I send stuff to my sister, is what I'm trying to say.

*Exceptions to this rule include:
obvious pouring your heart out to me conversations
things that make me look bad
my small inner circle of friends whom I know well enough to gauge when they want something kept secret and whom I love enough to do it
the VERY FEW who know my secrets

Also! Facebook! What the fuck is this:

That's my BROTHER. Stop telling me to talk to him on Facebook. I TALK TO HIM IN REAL LIFE. REGULARLY.