06 November 2009

He grows and grows

Batman Napping

Gabriel had a doctor's appointment this morning. I guess it was technically his three year appointment, because we keep straggling farther and farther back with the yearly check-ups. He's healthy, he's smart, he's doing everything he should be doing.
Plus some extras.
He wrote his name and drew some circles.
A little on the skinny side of things, but growing.
He was very brave for his shot and got a Wolverine sticker and an army bandaid.
He wanted the sticker on his heart side and he knew what side that was and he knew it was his left.
He knows his left and right.
He wore his listening ears the whole time.
He showed the pediatrician some of his dance moves.

Barring illness/medical problems/etc., the doctor doesn't need to see him again until his pre-kindergarten physical.

I'm having a seriously hard time wrapping my head around the fact that my sweet baby boy is old enough that someone can tell me, "We'll see him again before he starts kindergarten."

I'm sort of freaking out. A little.

Napping Batman