22 November 2009


My grandmother would have been 82 today (well, technically yesterday now that we've crept past midnight).
She died when she was 68.
It was terrible.
We were close.
I adored her.
People say I look like her.
That thrills me, because she was beautiful.
I went to Ireland to visit family friends when I was 19. I got off the bus in Donegal, and a woman whom I had never met came up to me and said, "You must be Jenny, you look exactly like Caryl."
I know my grandmother would have adored Gabriel.
This is the first year that I'm going into the holiday season with both of my mom's parents gone.
I miss them both.
It really sucks.
Grandma (holding Bev), Nadine, Sandra
The oldest of her sisters, looking nonplussed about this whole holiday picture thing.



My Grandmother