17 November 2009

Google Voice Transcripts

I have a google voice account. Are you jealous?

Check out these awesome voicemail messages!

From my sister, telling me that she's going to dinner:
Hi Daddy, it's me. I'm off to mail and I a party Florida and give me a anyways bye.

From Since Thursday, asking me if I want to go to an Everclear concert:
Hey Jenny from. On. I haven't heard. Regards and I just try to call Julie in and out of town on or whatever. The. Let me know what the hell's going on. I have these tickets to go see ever cleared and I. 2,000 years. Like I had to ask a favor to get you, so if you want to go. Not so that somebody else. Anyway, give me a call. Thanks. Bye.

From Julia, who is apparently FULL OF MYSTERIES (I haven't got a chance to listen to this one yet, but I think the transcription is AMAZING)
Hey Jenny. It's. Joel and I was just getting back to your email that you sent me. I explained on my blackberry right now that I'm going to class. I will email you back but I just. I don't have time and I think so anyway. I think that you're not. Whatever content that was the in the chat because he has like at eva for a lot of report, it's, but you know his mom when you have a group on the internet up that wire are all with the ever, but if you can't borrow it back I'll be in Austin. It's Joe at a long time. And then back and all that would be using for Mike are hey and then yeah i think that's it. If you could just forward it to him and then or use it. I think north. I've been. Also, I wanted to say about it that I forgot. But anyway I off probably email you can. Okay bye.

Transcript feature? CLEARLY AWESOME