21 November 2009

Girl Talk Thursday (Saturday) - So I can be the pretty one

Fugly dudes was sort of a weird GTT topic because I already have SUPER STRANGE taste in men, particularly the celebrity kind, so I think when I've listed my crushes I've already listed some...different choices. Delicious, but different.

And if I wanna do you, I think you're hot. Even if it's 'non-traditional' or what the fuck ever. I still think you're hot. That's why I wanna do you goddammit.

I get what Katy is saying though. I like to be the pretty one. I know how people look at couples where the dude is the hawt one. They look at those couples with puzzlement. They discuss. Why are they together? People never have those discussions when the chick is the hot one. It's weird.

(As an aside [and a run-on sentence], I think society thinks that everyone I've ever dated is better looking than me, which is just weird, because I've never agreed with that assessment, and it leaves me to wonder if I'm weirdly stuck up or overconfident or something and then I obsess for awhile about whether or not so-and-so is ACTUALLY CUTER THAN ME and then I'm like fuck that dude no he's not he's cute and I'm attracted to him which is one of reasons that I like having Teh Sex with him but Cute is not the same as Cuter Than Me)
Deep Breath.

Also I was talking to this very pretty girl last weekend and she told me that she doesn't really like dating cute guys because she wants it to be Very Clear that she's the good looking one in the relationship.
Which? I totally get.

Yknow who I'm attracted to? Like OMG throw my panties at you and can we please make babies and get married, in whatever order you prefer?

I'm tired of explaining why Benicio del Toro's hot. He.just.is.

You had me with The Labrynth. You are somehow equally hot with or without makeup. ZOMG

(Starting when he's young and skinny and cracked out looking and ending up now when he's not but STILL DELISHUSS)

Joel I love you times a thousand even with your weird buggy eyes. Also? You're tall. I've got a thing for tall.