14 October 2009

Preparing Costumes

For Gabriel's first Halloween (2006), I bundled him into an adorable BabyGAP bear suit and called it a costume.

First Halloween

For his second Halloween (2007), he refused to wear anything but footie pajamas and rain boots, despite the fact that he owned and regularly wore at least five different costumes (and as an aside, I'm convinced, CONVINCED that I wrote a blog post about that, and I've been going through my archives looking for it and driving myself absolutely insane - let this be lesson to y'all: TAG YOUR ARCHIVES APPROPRIATELY).

Third Halloween (aka last year), Gabriel wanted Mr. Halloween to bring him a Spider-Man costume, Steenky Bee embodied Mr. Halloween and sent him said costume, and he ended up being a pirate-dragon.

Pirate-Dragon (2008 Halloween)

This year he assures me that he wants to be Batman, but with a mask mom cuz it's not Batman if there's no mask! Noted. I'm continuing his mind-conjured tradition of Mr. Halloween and making him a Halloween basket with said mask. And maybe a utility belt.


I'm also using his costume as a jumping off point for mine, which involves a frightening amount of spandex for someone who should rightfully be shopping in plus-sized stores.


(Especially since I can't seem to figure a way to make lightning actually shoot out of my eyes....)



Kat's making me stretch lace gloves. You can thank her later.
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