19 October 2009

In other news, Gabriel does NOT have croup!

This morning, as I was saying goodbye to Gabriel, he coughed a little bit. This wasn't an alarming cough. Or at least, I am not alarmed by it.

This is Gabriel's fourth winter. The past three? He's had a runny nose/light cough for the virtual entirety of October through April. He also spends these months in good spirits, with normal energy levels, no fever, sleeping soundly (my main signals that KID MUST GO TO DOCTOR).

He has a runny nose and light cough right now. No fever, sleeping fine. I have a hard time feeling overly concerned.

Anyhow, this morning, cough cough.
Teacher tells me he can't come to school until I take him to the doctor and get it cleared that he doesn't have croup. CROUP? Are you fucking kidding me? The kid obviously does not have croup.
I remind her that Gabriel sounds like this all winter, and that he sounded like this all LAST WINTER AT THE SAME SCHOOL.
But this year swine flu blah blah blah.
(But this year/last year same kid/same symptoms/none of the symptoms of flu or swine flu (or croup))
I hauled us over to urgent care. They asked why were there, I said, "He has a cold, but I need a note that says he doesn't have croup." The receptionist said, "He doesn't have croup."
Doctor's visit, fine, lungs fine, pulse oximeter fine, he has some sniffles but nothing to worry about.
He doesn't have croup.
I get a note that says, verbatim, "Gabriel R- is okay to return to school 10/19/09"
I take Gabriel to school, hand the teacher the note, go to work two hours late for no reason at all.


Gabriel doesn't have croup.