27 October 2009

I'm Not Here

My throat hurts like a sonofa bitch.
I'm pretending it doesn't.

GOD.DAMN. I just realized today that even though I sent in my car registration promptly, I somehow totally failed to see VERY LARGE NOTICE telling me I need to get it smogged this year. Registration expires tomorrow. No joke. I suck at life.

I am undefinably anxious and worried and rock-at-the-pit-of-my-stomach for no good reason.
I was focusing on pretending that wasn't true, but then I talked to Since Thursday for like an hour and he gave me a some very good THINGS to focus my angst on, including career and parenting choices. So now I'm anxious and worried about CONCRETE CONCEPTS. Never mind that the feelings were there before their objects.
Anyways! I'm not here. I guest posted over here. And you should go read it. Because you love me and you want me to be happy.