12 October 2009

And then this weekend happened

I picked up Aman after work on Friday, drove up to Julia's, hung out there until joined by Carl and Stella and Stella's friend Dawn, went out in North Beach, got really drunk.



Stella and her figgles

I tried to take a picture with Aman but got freaked out by the ghost lurking over his shoulder.

Me and Aman and a creepy old dude

Carl fell asleep on said ghost's crotch until the bartender told us he had to wake up or leave. He puked in a urinal. He took a cab home.

Carl resting his eyes

Then we found Stella and Dawn again, and then we went to eat.

with Aman

And then Dawn drove the three of us back to her house to sleep. Aman and I woke up in the morning with no.fucking.idea. where we were. Then I heard people talking and whispered, "I think we're in Oakland." Then I yelled out, "STELLA" and then Dawn said, "She ain't here."
So we all got to Dawn's house which turned out to be the basement of Dawn's mother's house and we were all in bed and then Stella got up and left? And now her phone was dead and it's almost 10 and I need to move my car by 11 so I don't get a ticket and where the fuck is Stella? Should I be concerned?
Dawn very kindly drove us to the BART station, and we made it back to my car, and moved my car, with us in it, out of the city and back to SC, where we ate cheesy fries with bacon, napped for a couple hours, and then went out again.
I accidentally made Aman sponsor me financially. I feel a little bit bad.

Saturday night was mostly spent mocking those around us. Including Scarf Boy:

Scarf Boy

Laura as Scarf Boy

Aman as Scarf Boy

Also this guy:

An entertaining person

Then Laura and Aman joined another table:

Laura & Aman invite themselves to another table

Laura found this piece of gum on the ground, repackaged it, and tried to give it to someone:

The Gum

Kat was there. I think she had fun. I officially decided that her boyfriend is cool people when he threw his glass at some guy's nuts. And hit him.

Sunday was made up of sleeping and pizza and football and then driving Aman to the airport (where his flight was delayed because someone puked while it was still on the ground) and getting Gabriel (who is now bald).

There are lots more pictures on Flickr, which are still being sorted through and organized and edited by me.

What did you do this weekend?