21 October 2009

And speaking (again) of money (and budgets)

First let me say that I always feel a little weird sharing good or bad financial news on my blog, (and I think that might be an illogical weird feeling, but whatevs).
I think it's because there are lots of other people who have it worse than me, so if I complain about something I feel like, "shut it weirdo, you're doing OKAY," and if something happygood happens, I feel guilty for waving it around like a jolly idiot. Like what kind of asshole am I?
Whatever though. This is something that makes me sleep easier, and I am going to share.
December might be teh suck, financially. As I said yesterday, material possessions, blah blah blah, I angst about things, but please don't worry about Gabey and me, we are in no danger of losing food or housing or necessities. We are fine, we just need to cut back.


After December I will be clear of a couple of HUGE HEADACHE financial obligations that have been SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE, and, just in time for the jolly new year, I have a tidy budget worked out that just might (*fingers crossed*) get my ass totally out of the financial pit of despair in which I've been floundering around helplessly since I got the hell out of dodge and decided to fix up my life on my own a couple years ago. It's taken me awhile, but I am, slowly, getting there (the child support helps immensely IMMENSELY - I don't know what I'd be doing without it).

Chibijeebs sent me a link to this budgeting tool, and it was prezactly what I needed to look at in order to figure out where, precisely, I stand with everything, and what I can do about it. And I think what I can do is get out from under all debt but my (relatively small) student loan payment by the end of 2010, with money to spare even! For extras like BlogHer2010 and finishing my tattoo and dance lessons for Gabriel (if he still wants them).
That would be GLORIOUS.

Plus in January, while I'll still be far from SUCCESSFUL or DOING QUITE WELL, I won't be nearly or even a LITTLE bit as poor as I am right now, and January is Gabriel's birthday, which makes me worry a little bit less about Gabriel's Christmas.