05 October 2009

And here it's Monday again

Saturday night we walked something like seven miles and that is not any sort of an exaggeration. It could be that I'm underestimating it a bit. It started out as a semi-intentional circuitous route back to the car through Golden Gate Park and ended up with all of our sweaters wrapped around poor freezing Gabriel as we fought through the biting wind for a cab.
My mom and I were absolutely ruined yesterday.
I felt like I had the flu, but as it turns out I had just stepped into a Victorian novel where I had a chill in my bones. I spent the day wrapped in a blanket near the wood-burning stove, being generally grumpy, unreasonable, and unpleasant (Although the Niners had a great game yesterday, and it was fun watching the Giants game too, even though they're already out for the count, post-season-wise).
Advil and coffee helped.
As did a nice hot bath.
I'm still tired.
We lost my mom's hat, which was my grandmother's hat. Here's some pictures of it, on its last day in our family.





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