29 September 2009

Yesterday was not spectacular

Not that yesterday was bad, exactly, but there was decidedly nothing good about it either.

As I've mentioned on twitter, but mayhaps not here, a band of socialist hipsters (with a blog!) has captured the building across from mine at work. They appear to be hosting nightly raves, and playing BAD music during the day. Beyond that, while they seem very earnest, I'm unclear on their end goal. They tried to plant an agent in the bookstore, but were tragically unsuccessful.
If you wanna go to a socialist rave, I can hook you up.
There's one that's kinda cute. I mean, it took a day or two a couple hours for him to slip up and be out on the balcony sans swine flu mask, but he IS cute, particularly as compared to his competition.
Yesterday I was on break with a coworker, and he had been lowered down by pulleys in a garbage can, or however it is they're entering and leaving the building, and he was meeting some chi-mo van to re-up on supplies and clean chones and stuff. And he totally has gay wiggle butt walk! Which completely destroyed my idle daydreaming about socialist guerrilla warriors etc.

Yesterday was a bad day for appearances. I was wearing the WORK SHIRT OF UGLY PAIN, and I was in my white old lady sneakers, and since I didn't wanna deal with my unwashed chunks of hair grease, I had it put up kinda weird (read: old lady hair). I was also wearing my Cozy Sweater, which is sort of an old man cardigan with a shawl collar (are you picking up on a theme yet? An OLD theme?).
At some point I caught myself in a reflection.
"Damn," I said to a coworker, "I look like Susan B. Anthony."
"What do you n- oh. Yeah. Kinda."

And then because it was funny, when one of our student workers asked me how I was doing? I said, "Good, except for the part where I look like Susan B. Anthony."
"Well yeah, sort of, but it works on you."
Then I took it to twitter, and had the following conversation of AWESOME with Loralee:

So yeah. Yesterday. Not spectacular.