14 September 2009

Words First, Pictures Second*

First of all, on Thursday one magical Grace Davis hosted my superbly awesome twitter/bloggie birthday bash. Gwendomama made this luxury awesome hostess cupcake shaped cake of delishusnuss. I just about fell over and died when Grace handed me the phone and it was Cat. Then she told me to log into Twitter. Turns out that Grace, Gwendomama and Caitlin, along with Holly, Chibijeebs, VDog, Biddy, Danielle-Lee, Maria, Terra, Nic and ChurchPunkMom got me THE MOST AWESOME BOOK EVER. I'm sure you know I have a thing for Maurice Sendak.

Y'all are lovely and thoughtful and made me cry. In a happy good way.


Friday morning I had to leave Gabriel at my sister's house by 645 to get to Carl's house by 8 to get to SFO in time to catch our flight. I set my alarm for 5 because on account of the aforementioned twitter birthday party of awesomesauce I hadn't totally done all of my LEAVING THE HOUSE shit like packing and showering and taking out the trash.

I thought it was exceptionally dark at 5am, but who the fuck wakes up at 5am, so what do I know? At 6:30 I bundled up Gabey in his pj's and put him in the car. Then I checked my phone. And it was 5:30. Because in the process of setting my alarm I set my clock ahead an hour and I woke up at 4 instead of 5 and now it's 530 and ohmygodkillmenow. Gabriel wouldn't stay asleep if I got him *out* of the car, so I hung out in my front seat sort of passing in and out of consciousness for an hour.

We didn't die on the flight there and Cody, Carl, Brendan and I somehow got coincidentally seated next to each other.

Aman's flight had gotten into Denver two hours before ours. By the time we found him in the airport bar, he was Belligerent Aman, with alcohol oozing out of his pores. We found our bags, found our supah fly minivan rental, and made Carl drive the 4 1/2 hours to Crested Butte while we all got WASTED.

Got to our rental house in CB, I speed showered, we went out to find the rehearsal dinner party thing that we were an hour late for, missed it, met up with everyone at the bars.


At around midnight I came to the conclusion that if I had any more to drink, I would probably die, so I went home and put myself to bed.

Saturday we had a nice hangover breakfast and then went to the store with the following list:
  • Condoms
  • Hair Dye
  • Nail Polish
Because that's the kind of shopping list you have when you're friends with Carl.

We drank beer in our backyard for awhile and somehow got ready and to the wedding on time.

Before the toasts were over there were 20 empty glasses on our table. Then there's this big fuzzy space where Carl went missing in a bathroom for awhile and we all started kissing Aman and I have three magical polaroids that I'll have to scan.

BIG QUESTION MARK as to who the FUCK drove from the reception and how in the hell our car ended up in front of our house. We went from quaint wedding site to after party at a dive bar, where I proceeded to get really, really drunk. I mean really. I mean I haven't been that drunk since I lived in Santa Barbara, and for those keeping track, it's been 5+ years now. And I drink a lot. Were you at BlogHer?

At some point I decided that if I had any more to drink I would probably be unable to stand, even propped against a wall. Then I looked over and Aman and the groom were kissing. "Paris? Rex and Aman are making out."
Paris shrugs her shoulders and asks, "What can you do?"
Around this time I was trying to leave. First I got roped in by Paris' offer to buy me a "shot for sipping," then I ran into Cody and Carl coming back to the bar, then finally Carl and I went home. I passed out.

Carl woke me up about two seconds later to tell me we had to be on the road in 30 minutes. "Where the FUCK is Aman?"
"He's seriously not here?"
I called everyone who might have a handle on his location, but (not surprisingly) no one answers their phone at 530 in the morning when they've been drinking all night.

So we left without him, and as far as I know he's still in Colorado.

Drive back to Denver was wretched, stopping every few miles so Brandon could puke, me trying really hard not to puke, etc.
Flight was.....difficult.
BART was.....frustrating.
Driving was....miserable.

After about 18 hours of traveling I finally passed out in my bed at 10:30 last night.

Work is......challenging.

*I took woefully few pictures, I'm waiting for everyone else to upload theirs so I can jack 'em. There are some AWESOME moments.