19 September 2009

Stuff I Bought Part One - Anthropologie

I've been mopey lately, so I've been spending money. This has been over the course of about two months, and a lot of the stuff for Gabey I would have had to buy anyways, what with the season changes and the growing child and all.

And it's all been on sale.

And I like it all.

No excuse, but still.

First up, from Anthropologie:


  1. I <3 Anthropologie SOOooooOOO much. I just wish they had clothes in my size. Then again, I'd spend beaucoup bucks there, so maybe not. ;-)

    Love the chocolate little pocket dress. So cute!

  2. I love Anthropologie, it is definitely a moping cure :) How did you like the Seaside Treasures chemise? It's one of my favorite pieces from them that I bought this summer! And the Going Places and the Heida Camisoles look so lovely, and what great prices too.