28 September 2009

Stalker Scheduling Tips

Various plans in the next.......couple monthsish?

*Either Saturday or Sunday of this weekend, Gabriel and I are hitching a ride with my mom to meet my brother Duncan for Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - Dunno which day yet, because I'm really just tagging along, but are you going? Wanna find each other? That could happen!

*NEXT weekend (10/9), Since Thursaday (the one with the tie) IS COMING TO VISIT YAY!!! Adventures! Adventures to be had! Oh Em Gee! He's not allowed to puke on my car, or get left in the gutter. Other than that? Everything's game.

*I'm getting more work done on my tattoo on 10/24 (happy birthday Dad!). I think Julia's at a USC game or sumthin, so I need one of my beloved San Franciskites to either go to the appointment with me (ideal) or at the very least meet me there afterward so I don't have to walk through Sketchy McSketchville by myself at dusk. So. Any volunteers for the Miss Grace Anti-Rape Escort? I'd be much obliged.

*I'm going to Chico (but, tragically, probably not Going to Chico) for Halloween, with Gabey. Stella and I are going to take the boys trick-or-treating, and go out after. I'm actually pretty excited about my costume (I'm making Kat hold my hand in American Apparel on Thursday so I can shop for it without being driven out by the glares of the skinny chic hipsters).

*I have another tattoo appointment November 14th, so I'll be in SF again. You know y'all love me.

*Julia's taking me to the USC/UCLA game! It's November 28th, and Gabe's with his dad for Thanksgiving this year, so that will be a very nice trip/distraction.

*I'm going to Vegas December 11th. With so many people it makes my head spin to start naming them. SQUEE!

So yeah.

In case you wanted to watch me while I slept Edward Cullen Style or something, here's a wee little schedule for you.


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