24 September 2009



I've never once regretted time spent with you, and I only ever want to see you more.

We went to dinner a couple months ago, and I was SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU. Plus you're like, a successful adult now, or something, and you drove me back to SC in your shiny Corvette. I can't believe I'm friends with someone who drives a Corvette. Who drives a Corvette and isn't a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis? (And how is it that all of my college friends are Successful Adults with houses and cars and fancy jobs and graduate degrees and stuff? Don't mind me, I'm just the glorified secretary/single mom over here in the corner....seriously dudes, what the fuck?)

But I digress.

Good for you.

Without trying to go too whiny emo sadpants on you, I miss talking to you every day, and I miss staying up until 4am doing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

You're a level of awesomely good people that's hard to find.

I hope this year is the best ever.

Happy Birthday.

(And call me you asshole, I wanna hang out)