03 September 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - 5

Morris Chestnut. No explanation required. He is delicious. Scrumptiously delicious.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I've had an inexplicable crush on him since I was twelve and he was the gawky teenaged alien on Third Rock from the Sun. I think he's adorable and lovely and I want to have his babies. Thanks to (500) Days of Summer? Other people don't think I'm TOTALLY BATSHIT CRAZY when I say I love him. I love him. And hands off, I saw him first.

John Krasinski. I love him, and I also love his character in The Office. And just. He's so CUTE. I want to eat him. Well. Not literally. Oh wait. Literally. Yes I do.

Jesse L. Martin. First decided I should marry him when he was the ADORABLE doctor on Ally McBeal (remember that show?). My love deepened when I realized he was Collins in Rent. And now he's a cop. And I love him even if he's balding. Shut up. I love him.

Clive Owen. Enough said.

Super extra fun time number six!

If I ever EVER have the opportunity? OMG. David Bowie. Just. Gah.