17 September 2009

Chones Disasterscape

Edit: I wrote this before I read Maria's Girl Talk Thursday topic, post, or anything else. We're psychically linked and shizz.
My underwear go through the following cycle:

1. I have underwear.
2. My underwear all start to fall apart and become worthless and dead to me at the same time, and within a week, I'm reduced to maybe 6 pairs of sucky underwear that I hate, plus maybe some sexy underwear that I also hate.
3. I buy new underwear.
4. Because all of my underwear died at the same time, I bought all my new chonies at the same time, so in a couple years, the same damn thing happens all over again, and because in the interim I'm all set in the ladythings department, it never occurs to me to buy on a staggered schedule.

Guess what point I'm at in this maddening cycle?

That's right....I'm almost out of underwear.


So what should I buy?

(I hate the word panties, and refuse to use)