21 September 2009


That's really the only word I can think of to describe the week ahead.

Nights of working until seven.
Bleary eyed mornings of wanting to stab anyone and everyone within knifing distance.
(I had someone call this morning and ask, "Are you a person?" (Really, that happened))
(I also had a ten minute conversation with a woman about whether or not her daughter would need a stapler. They're less than five dollars - either way I trust you to make a decision, and if you're that genuinely concerned, just buy the fucking stapler already)
It doesn't help that this year's edition of The Ugly Work Shirt has STAFF/ASK ME emblazoned on the back for all to see. Even on my break, wearing my shut-the-fuck-up-and-don't-talk-to-me face, people feel compelled to ask me how they can find Catholic services in the area. FUCK. Ask the damned Catholics? How would I know that? But I'm wearing the stupid work shirt so I have to be all friendly and pretend I give a shit even though I'm not in the building and am not being paid to give a shit and do not, therefore, have any shits to give.
Everyone's all unhappy because sales are down.
My union is FULL OF FUCKERY OH MY GOD JUST AGREE TO THE FURLOUGHS ALREADY I DON'T WANT TO BE LAID OFF GODDAMMIT DON'T FUCK WITH MY WORLD LIKE THIS YOU ASSHOLES. Plus the emails they send us are absolutely off the wall insane. I'm just WAITING for the one that tells me to wear a tinfoil helmet to keep the government from reading my brain BECAUSE IT IS EVIL AND WANTS MY BRAIN.
Gabriel was at his dad's this weekend because I kept him on Labor Day weekend for my Grandpa's services, plus I had to work all day Saturday and Sunday. My Sainted Mother picked him up in Sacramento for me, but I got him back and he was all FULL OF THE DEMON TROLL from being over tired and also I think he does a little better when he has every other weekend with his dad and (after this coming weekend) he'll have three in a row instead, and then he doesn't get any time with me or his cousins or his grandparents and I think that all fucks with his disposition. Plus I'm all crabby and incapable of dealing and also not around all that much what with the working.

Happy Monday Mother Fuckers.