28 August 2009

Unintentional Mini-Break

I'm on a four-day Hanging Out With My Kid and Not Doing a Damned Thing weekend. Which is nice.


I don't have internet at my house.

I had internet at my house, but I moved. And I called AT&T to transfer my service. And despite the fact that I moved to a different unit in the same complex, I'd have to pay $10 more a month for the same service. Which was infuriating, so I canceled it. Then I had someone else's wireless for awhile, but they moved, and all the other wifi near me has passwords, and none of the passwords are 'password'. So now I don't have internet, but I'm still too irritated to re-buy it.

And that's the story of Why I Disappeared.

I'll at least be back Monday. WORK has internet.