11 August 2009

Sundays in Baseball

My dad loves him some baseball, specifically, San Francisco Giants baseball. He goes to every Sunday home game, and then some extras where he can fit them in. This past Sunday he took me. The Giants lost 5-2 to the Reds, and the game was frustrating, at best. Twice the bases were loaded with no outs. Twice the batter up in that situation hit into a double play. Oi.

But! I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss going to baseball games with my dad. It's a fucking science.

He buys whatever tickets are available, and then he upgrades them when he gets inside the park. He buys you food, and sends you to watch batting practice in the bleachers while he shmoozes with various ballpark employees. Even though I think my dad is horrifyingly embarrassing, for some reason the ticket people love him, and save him tickets all special, and give him t-shirts and stuff. Once they sold him tickets in the owner's box. Often we're there amongst the scouts. On Sunday we were directly behind the dugout, which was also nice.


Pretty much the only thing my dad spends money on is Giants baseball, so going to games with him? It usually works out.


View from our seats

Matt Cain

Inning Change (Sandoval)


  1. Love the photo of you ... too cute for words :D

  2. I totally want to go to baseball with your dad, so I can sit behind the dugout. I guess you could come too.

  3. Welcome to MY world. Well...at least the Cincinnati Reds side of it anyways. And I think your Dad is AWESOME!!! He definitely knows what he's doing. No way ANYONE should pay full price for a decent seat at a ballgame...especially if there isn't anybody there!

  4. I havn't been to a baseball game in forever. I used to go see the Marlins a few times a year. Happy times.

  5. as a reds fn i can understand.