11 August 2009

More pictures! The good times with good friends edition!

Can you believe I went out twice last weekend? Twice! That's the kind of crazy thing that happens when Gabriel spends the weekend with his dad.

On Thursday I went out with my sister, Aurora, and Jenny & Megan (who are sisters). We all went to our crazy-small high school together.
We went to some bar I've never heard of because Aurora's husband's band was playing. They didn't serve hard liquor and they were overcharging for the cheap wine, so we snuck in cheap champagne from the liquor store next door (<- I like the rhyminess of that).

The Parish is going to have to start searching bags.....

Me, Aurora

My sister is full of magic and when she drinks she can talk anyone into anything. She talked some boys into crawling around on the floor (she assured them that it would impress us), and then we all wore fancy hats. Aurora introduced me to some skeevy dude like this: "This is Jenny, she has a 3 1/2 year old, and she loves sex." Then she introduced everyone else all normal. It was hilarious, except that it was me, so it wasn't hilarious, because then I had to deal with Dude of Skeeve. But now that it's been almost a week, it really IS hilarious.

Jenny & Laura, crawling



Aurora Tackle

Me, Megan, Jenny

Saturday! Saturday I went out with Stella, and her friend Tara, in San Francisco. We went to the bar where Cody works. I danced so much my legs were sore the next day. I stayed up so late I watched the sun rise on a fire escape.

Boobs in a Crotch Shot?

Kissy Kissy

I had fun. Did you have fun this weekend? I hope you did.


  1. Dude, I don't think I've EVER had that much fun.

  2. Hey hey hey! Was that a Boob Emancipation sticker or something?

  3. I had fun, but not as much as you! Ok, maybe - BUT it was a different kind of fun!


  4. It was quiet and restful and that's all I can hope for!

  5. Wow! Twice in one weekend. We haven't done that in years. Glad you had a good time, and I didn't see anything wrong with how you were introduced! ;-)

  6. Holy shit you drank a lot of Cooks. It's so sad but I really like that kind of champagne.

  7. Booobs! Um. I mean.

    Well, yeah. Boobs.

    Sounds fun. Sorry I wasn't up to the Challenge Saturday night!

  8. Jealous! Glad you had a good time.

  9. You look so happy. Keep Smiling!