17 August 2009

Duncan. 25.


A couple weeks ago one of my friends pointed out that whenever I talk about my brother Duncan, I start out with, "So my brother Duncan, I love my brother..."

I absolutely adore my brother Duncan.

He is 25 years old today. Because he turned 25 precisely 19 days before I'm set to turn 27, he's spent our whole life claiming that I'm only one year older than him. Whatever.

Duncan is one of the worst phone-people on the face of the planet. Before I call him, I make a little list in my head of questions to ask and things to say. I hate talking to him on the phone.

In person, Duncan is one of the easiest people to talk to.

Yesterday my mom, my sister Laura, my nephew Elliot, my brother Daniel, Gabriel and I drove up to Sacramento to visit Duncan. We walked around his neighborhood and harvested some fruit out of the alleys. We went swimming in a storm drain on the American River. A storm drain which Duncan described, very seriously, as 'a little beach.' We had pie and milkshakes. He's taking pilates, yoga and kick-boxing 'with all the ladies', because they're free through school. His favorite kind of fight to watch is a bird fight, followed by a girl fight, followed by a squirrel fight.

Duncan, swimming

A great brother, friend, uncle, son, nephew, grandson. He's going to be a great doctor.

Duncan wrassling with Elliot & Gabey

Happy Birthday.

Storm Drain
The storm drain/"beach"


  1. I don't think I've met anybody in your family but you, but with Gabe included, the Johnstons are a good looking bunch.

  2. Cute brothers ROCK!
    Happy Birthday Duncan!!

  3. Beach fail - hot brother WIN.

  4. Happy Birthday Miss Grace's brother!

  5. You two look a lot a like!! What a great family :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Duncan! Great fun birtday post.

    Um, how does Duncan feel about older women? I'm not that much older... ;-)

  7. Yes, you are all adorable. Happy Birthday, Duncan! My sister is in a relationship right now, but I bet she could be persuaded out of it. You know, and she's gorgeous. HUGE boobs. Seriously. You'd love her. And I'd love to have Grace as a sister. So it all works out!

  8. Swim in a storm drain? How is this possible? It's ginormous!
    I use to say I was 3 years older than my brother because for less than 2 months of the year, I technically am.
    Your brother? HOT. My brother? Not so much.

  9. Uhm, very interesting beach.

    Happy Birthday to your brother, Duncan!

  10. Duncan is gorgeous.....seriously.

    Umm....I could send myself to him as a birthday present....maybe? :)

  11. He LOOKS like a cool dude. So...happy birthday to Grace's brother!

    And that's all I got...

  12. Can I have him? C'mon. I've got nice boobs...

    Being down with the swirl totally runs in your family.