28 July 2009

Sorrelli Jewelry may or may not get hot girls to make out with you

As I er I mean Dawn mentioned before I left, Sorrelli was kind enough to gift me with some jewelry to wear at BlogHer. Awesome, beautiful jewelry. I think the idea was to have earrings and a necklace, but my gold necklace is the only thing keeping my head attached to my body. I opted for earrings and a bracelet instead:

Lovely, no? Absolutely GORGEOUS in person. The colors are amazing, and the clasps are sturdy (that's an important thing for me - Master Loser of Jewels). Anyhow. Beautiful, timeless, well-constructed, stylish (I got a LOT of compliments). HIGHLY RECOMMEND is what I'm saying. They totally pulled the outfit together:

I want to say that Sorrelli jewelry gets you laid, but I think the FTC might not let me, so. While I lack the scientific evidence to substantiate that claim, I'd like to show you this:

Go! Shop!
Photo Credit goes to Angie.
Disclosure and Shizz: Sorrelli gave me this jewelry to wear, with the understanding that I would promote it at BlogHer. This is not a paid post. I only work with brands and companies that I respect.