26 July 2009

Royal Jewels

This is Julia:


I've known her since I was seven. Which, for those of you keeping track, means that she's been in my life for longer than my two youngest brothers. Although we haven't gone to school together/been doing the particularly same thing since 5th grade, we've been friends throughout.

She's smart and funny and ADORABLE and sweet and she's totally the ying to my yang, yo.

I love her

I've never gone out with her and NOT had fun, which if you think about it, is really saying something.

She introduced me to bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

She can justify almost any shopping purchase.

She lets me grab her boobs.

She's 27 today.

Go wish her a happy birthday on her blog or on twitter.


  1. I have issued my happy birthday proclamations in both places because Julia is awesomesauce.

  2. Fun friends make the best friends!

    Happy birthday, Julia!

  3. Thank you my lovely!

  4. So much fun with you lovely ladies!