01 July 2009

Post not edited before I hit publish


So. I'm the official winner of BEWB Fest 09! I'd like to thank the academy, fancy well structured bras, flattering photography angles, and a bevy of extremely dedicated voters! I guess this means that I'm obligated to hold up my end of the deal, wherein I promised to pose in my lingerie prize for Boob Emancipation.
So I guess if you're looking for votes on your boobs, it pays to have a website specifically devoted to, well, boobs!


My car. Fuck. I can't even talk about it because really? Fuck. Just. Gah. FUCK. Can I say it again? FUCK.
Gabriel is spending three weekends in a row with his dad, two of which are 3-day weekends. So I had my mom pick him up yesterday, so he could get in some much needed and longed for grandma-time. And then my car! With the FUCK ME! So Gabey was at my mom's and I was at my house, 30-some-odd miles away. Which under ordinary circumstance would be pfft fine whatever and he would sleep over at my mom's and she would take him to school in the morning and I would spend my evening putzing around my apartment, per usual.
Except Gabriel's been at his dad's so much lately and is leaving again on Thursday and I really miss my baby. So. I took the bus to my sister's house, borrowed her car, drove to my mom's, got the child, watched the Giants game (can we get a fuck yes for the Giants? Rock. On.), came home. Then had to get up extra early drive to my sister's house, give her back her car, walk Gabriel to school, and then, because today is the first day of the new fiscal year and I'm a flaky loser who hasn't gotten her new bus pass yet, pay to take the bus to work, and then stop by parking services to get the new pass, and yeah.
Or did I say that already?
So I'm supposed to take Gabriel up to Sacramento this weekend AND pick him up on Sunday, because MY CAR WAS EXPLODING last month and I couldn't meet K.Dot and I owe him a trip.


So because of the afore mentioned Sacramento ferry, I was planning on spending this weekend in Chico (no not like that), because I don't wanna do two round trips to Sacramento and I hate driving and SUCK.
1) Will my car be operable? Who can say, really.
B. Chico is hot.
III - My sister's birthday is Friday.
iv: I'm actually invited to 4th of July BBQ's and whatnot this year.
funf ~ My brother needs a ride up to Sacramento on Sunday, so that would be handy.
On the side of going to Chico, I already told Stella and Darci I was coming, and I know that if either one were gonna come here and I got a babysitter and then got bailed on, I'd be pissed, no matter the legitimacy. Also? I need a haircut something fierce and serious before I go to BlogHer, and I absolutely trust Stella with such things. I'm not feeling adventurous enough to experiment with a new hair stylist immediately before I fly out to Chicago and meet y'all in person. Plus I like Chico, which I guess counts for something, right?


  1. YAY on BEWBFEST! Congrats. Can't wait for those pics. :)

    Sorry to hear about the car, do you guys have Zip cars out there?

  2. Congrats on winning!!!

    So, are you "going to Chico"?

  3. Editor! Independence is spelled, well, independence. And you need an umlaut over your funf (that sounds dirty, doesn't it?)

    Congrats on winning. You earned plenty of votes from this household.

  4. I'm a big fan of not editing before hitting publish. Congrats to you and your boobs.

  5. Have fun in Chico. Try not to get pregnant.
    Also, nice rack.

  6. Yea for your boobs! Congrats! Now I feel like a vote of mine counted! :-)
    Car problems suck...hope it all works out!

  7. I voted for you so many times I should get a naked photo. Just sayin'.

  8. So, what did the bewbs win?

  9. I have a soft spot in my hear for Chico, because that was the name of Julio's goat on "Sanford and Son"...hahahaha!

  10. How did I miss that? Fail. YAY FOR BOOBIES!

    BOO for FUCKITY fuck cars!

    Hope your 4th was lovely.