03 July 2009

Nerdy? Dirty? Wordy? Sturdy?

My sister is 30. As I mentioned last year, our childhood relationship was somewhat contentious. We've evolved from the scratching and the biting and the midnight sabotage.

She's my best friend and my worst enemy.


Sometimes it enrages me how well we know each other, but we really do have the BEST times together.


Often, we get asked if we're twins. I freely admit to the strong family resemblance, but, I mean, twins? Really? She's five inches taller than me yo, we're not identical. And then whomsoeverthefuck goes on to assume that I'm the older sister. Well fuck you dude, because she's THIRTY. This is my sister Laura, who's in her THIRTIES.

She keeps threatening to start a blog, which would be both horrifying and awesome. If it ever happens, I'll probably send you there, but since she's a funnier and more talented writer and story teller? I might just keep it a secret so as not to overly wound my pride.

Laura totally throws me to the wolves when we go out together. She uses me as a bargaining chip for free drinks from gross men. "Well I'm married, but MY SISTER is single!" Bah.

She is both the more generous and considerate of the two of us, and the snarkier, more teasing, more infuriating one. Just ask my brothers.

I want YOU!

Regardless, she is awesome.

Happy Birthday Laura.



  1. hey - dont knock 30...evil woman

  2. Of course I'm going to say it. "Wow, you can tell you're sisters. Twins?!?"

    Happy Birthday to your OLDER sister.

  3. Happy Birthday Laura! My sister and I look nothing alike. No resemblance at all, and that makes me sad. I look more like my older brother which makes me all ewww because I feel like I must look like a man or something.

  4. You do look alike for sure, and I truly hope she starts a blog. I'd like to get her side of the story ;)

    Happy birthday, Grace's sister!

  5. Happy Birthday, Laura.

    And yes, you can tell you are related. But, better for people to think you and your sister are twins than for people to think that you and your mother are sisters.

    'Cause that happens with me and my dad a lot.

  6. People think we are brothers, I mean. They don't think we are sisters.

  7. What I find interesting...I already feel like I "know" her....

  8. Badass Geek is making me laugh...

    oh sisters....

  9. Awwh, happy bday to your sister! She & her son are gorgeous. I am the older sister and hence I will be 30 first... UGH!

  10. Sisters rock :) and thirty... is a little to close for me...

  11. Hmm ... I wonder how you're going to knock the age 36 ... sheesh!!!

    30's the new 15 doncha know?

    Heh ... You guys really do look quite a bit alike. That was a really lovely tribute to her. (the honest ones are really the best!)


  12. Awww...how sweet. Sisterly love. And I'm 40. So THERE!

  13. Watch what you say about 30 there!

    Happy Belated Birthday Laura!