22 July 2009

A love letter to my family

I'm on an airplane.

Right this very second.

An airplane that's going to BlogHer.

In Chicago.

I'm sitting next the beautiful, wonderful, kind Grace Davis, who's um, blogging, all productive-like.

So far it's been good.

My oft-mocked 17-year-old brother is in charge of my baby boy for the next three days. He has money and my bus pass and my house key and my pool key and my bike seat and, of course, my parents.
Have I mentioned lately how much I love my family? I love them. They are supportive and generous and loyal and simply grand. Thanks for making it possible for me to go on this trip guys.

My grandpa's not doing so well.
He's not looking so much like this:
James' interpretation to Grandpa
He's pretty much in bed all the time. His great big king sized bed where my mom can sit in his wheelchair and hold his hand and my sister can sit up at the top and kiss his head sometimes and feed him pudding or water from a sponge and I can sit down at the bottom and keep him from kicking his legs off of the edge.
He's lucid at times. Doing better at times. Restless and uncomfortable at times.
Hospice came (so dreadful, hospice, that harbinger, that grim forshadowing of the end), and he's sleeping in the hospital bed they delivered, when he's sleeping, but his great big king sized bed is much nicer for everyone sitting around and talking and being there and injecting some liveliness into a room that could so very easily be so flat.
I love that my family can gather and tend and care and take care of our own. I see what happens in other homes, and I'm so grateful for the unending loyalty, comfort, protection and affection.
I love them.
I love you.

And I'm on an airplane flying halfway across the country, leaving my sweet boy behind to be cared for by loving people who keep him safe and happy.

When I get off this airplane I'm stepping into BlogHer.
I'll set things aside, so as better to cope. I cope by compartmentalizing, by setting things aside. There's fun to be had, and I will be having it.
I'll set some things aside, but not the love.

Now when I get to the hotel, who owes me a drink??


  1. It's tough to go away when stuff like that it happening at home, I know. But I also know that sometimes compartmentalizing is all we can do to get through.

    I'm terribly jealous that you had wifi on your flight; I know that mine isn't going to have it and I'm a little bummed.

    Sounds to me like maybe you owe me a drink because you were far luckier!

  2. have a ton of fun.

    I'd totally buy you a drink...

    if I was going!

  3. i will buy you a drink (or two). i just realized that i already "know" you from gwendomama's house. it was your BOY that clicked on the lighbulb of recognition.

    so happy you'll be at blogher. and i mean it. i'll buy you a drink. promise. xoxo

  4. Safe travels and what a lovely loving post! have a wonderful, wonderful time!

  5. Have fun Grace! And we wanna hear all about it as soon as you get a few minutes! :-)

  6. What a sweet letter. Have fun this weekend, doll baby!

  7. oh the stories Gabe will have to tell!

    not to mention his momma.

  8. Have a GREAT time in Chicago, you might even see some celebrities there!!

    Oh and don't forget the clubs and the cheesecake factory!!

  9. Yay for family you can count on! That is the best.

    Have a wonderful time!

  10. Great post, and I'm thinking you had a good time...

  11. Hurrah for family. And BlogHer. ;p