20 July 2009

Let's do something Cheery!

I have several sad/serious/thoughtful posts saved to draft right now. I'm trying not to get too angsty right before I fly to Chicago to bury my face in everybody's boobs. And then I'll have all the recapping of excitement and joy to do! So! Bonus! You probably have until August before I turn this place into a den of death and money troubles and friendship woes and Life, Life is Very Sad for Living Sometimes.

So! In lieu of all that, photos!

Summertime BBQ at Carl's

Gabey and I went up to my friend Carl's house in Fremont. Paris was in town, and Cody-My-Love came over from SF. It was the first time probably since 2003 that we've all been in the same room. I thought all of my pics uploaded while I was dreaming last night, but apparently NOT (like, no good pictures of Pare? The hell?), so here's some of what did.

Batman takes on the pumpkins




We had fun. I love my friends.

The end.

But not The End, cuz we're gonna hang out more.


  1. Oh fun! I can't wait to see more pictures...and you know, you can hit us with the sad/serious stuff too. I'm pretty sure we all know that unicorns don't really fart glitter and that sometimes life sucks.

    HUG Have way too much fun in Chicago and take many pictures.

  2. I love looking at pics of Gabey!!!

  3. Nice pics Grace! Love the kiss photo... :-)

  4. Your hair looks gorgeous in that first pic. So Jealous!

    You know, if you want... you could always email a friend *cough*me*cough* with those angsty things... might feel good to vent a bit.

  5. Gabey = pure cuteness.


  6. OMG the picture of you/Gaby is too cute. See you SO SOON.

  7. I am in love with that pic of you and Gabey. In love.

  8. So what's really funny, to me at least, is that I was browsing photos on facebook tonight and just saw a picture of your friend Cody hanging out at the Academy of Sciences (where I work)...with my downstairs neighbor. Your friend Cody knows my friend Kristina. Coolio.

    I guess it's not *that* interesting, but it gets filed in the "small world" drawer.

  9. that pic of you kissing him is priceless...

  10. dear god your son is adorable!

  11. Oh that Gabey is beyond cute. I love the one of you kissing him. You realize you are going to have to get a rather large bat to eventually beat the girls off, right?

  12. Your son is such a darling. If (when) I meet him, you better prepare him for lots of kissing, pinching of the cheeks, and more kissing.
    Also? You have cute friends.