22 July 2009

books, books, everywhere

This is a part of a blog swap through 20-something bloggers. My post appears here, and is much....less....good. Hope you enjoy!
Also fabulous guest post on Disgraced Shopping. And I mean FABULOUS. PHOTOS OF BOOBS FABULOUS.
What was your favorite book growing up? I had so many, it was hard to pick just one or two and say "yes, that book is my favorite."My mother is a librarian, so there was never any shortage of books in our home, and it is still the case today. Now, being a grownup (some days!), I live alone in a small apartment in DC where I don't have the space I'd like, but I certainly have books.

Books, books, everywhere.


I have three shelves; one tall and two short, all crammed with books. In addition, there are three piles. By piles, I mean, that there are three stacks of books per pile, each with at least 50 books per pile. So, multiply that by the three, there are probably 150 books that are not on a shelf.

Insane? Yes, for sure!

I've always been a voracious reader. In fifth grade, I remember this "project" where each us made an ice cream cone from construction paper with our name on the cone. Each time we read a book, we had to write a one-page "report" on it, and then we could pick a color to make a scoop of ice cream to add to our cone. At the end of the year, there was an ice cream party where for every ten paper scoops we had, we'd get one scoop of ice cream.

I had eight scoops of ice cream. I read more than 80 books. Granted, this was fifth grade, so I don't think I was reading Crime and Punishment, but it still seems like a good number of books read, considering most people had two, maybe three scoops.

For the record, I didn't eat eight scoops...I gave some away :)

One of my all time favorite children's book is Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney. It has the most beautiful illustrations and talks about Miss Rumphuis, an old lady and retired librarian who sets out to achieve her life's goals and make the world a more beautiful place. Interestingly, it seems there are many resources for teachers out there who are using this book in their classroom (yet another reason that I should become a teacher!).

Even though it has been more than twenty years since I first read this book, it has stayed with me through the years and I think of the story from time to time, and think about how I can achieve my own goals and make the world more beautiful.

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  1. You are so - just - cool.
    I have a billion & one books...I finish a SERIES in 2 days....I am GEEK.

    And you too. Another reason why I lurve you.

  2. I am a childrens book geek.... LOVE THEM. I could not wait to have kids so I did not look like an idiot hanging out in that section of the book store anymore.

    I of course graduated to adult books a long time ago for myself, but do I have time to read - no.


    my favorite book was "the grand escape" by phyllis reynolds naylor, based on the epic journey of two housecats...it inspired a short novella i wrote in my teenage years. awesome.

  4. Big reader over here as well. Although there are SO many out there that I still haven't read. The one you mentioned for example.

    I recently gave my niece "Anne of Green Gables", "Secret Garden" and "The Little Princess". I kind of wanted to ask her to borrow them!

  5. Books are Awesome.

    My 'fave from childhood' book is The Blue Sword, by Robin McKinley.
    Girl hero. Horses. Kingdom. Earthy magic.

    I've re-read it several times since my first time, in fourth grade. Love.