14 July 2009

The Best Hug I've Ever Received

I came back from lunch, and I had this email from Molly. I love her so much and it made me so happy, I had to share:

An Incomplete List of Things I Love About Jenny Grace

* That I can call you Grace and you respond (There are too many Jennies in the world, and you're far too unique to have everyone else's name)

* That you really don't like most people, but for some reason like me

* That for the people you DO love, you are fiercely loyal

* You're a good mom

* Your eyes change color

* When you were in college you watched a kid pee on your roommate and you made him stop. Even though that made him angry.

* You have an uncanny ability to laugh at all of the crazy in your life

* Remember that drunk day we had when we were 20, where we drank at the Tea House and felt strange, and then took the bus home and walked to my parents' house in the rain?

* I loved your pretty dresses you'd wear when we'd go swing dancing

* You introduced me to Wednesdays at the Thrift Center

* You always want to share an avocado crepe with me. And usually a farm fresh fruit crepe. And for years neither one of us has ever seen a problem with ordering anything else off the menu. The only variation is if we decide to drink mimosas or not.

* The first time you signed my yearbook you just wrote "Buy better clothes over the summer."

* The night with Newcastle on the rocks is still my favorite bonding experience

* The day after Christmas 2003 SEEMS like it would be memorable, but every time we reference that day, it's only a full memory if we piece together what you remember, what I remember and what Adam remembers.

* That you wanted Jack in the box, so you skipped the mean people, made very little comment about the car of naked people, and hopped in the security truck. And your only question during that half hour was "Molly where did you get a burger from?!?"

* I love how you try to share gossip by tilting your head, squinting and putting new information in the form of a question ("What about how...?")

* You're very good at doing your own hair, when you feel the need to be cute

* You taught me how to cook vegetables

* I can tell you when I want to buy a theoretical item in great detail, and you'll find it for me for under $60 online (example, "Jenny... I'd really like a red, swingy halter dress. But not the kind of red that looks bad on me.")

* You planned out my dream Ireland wedding for me for fun when I was 22.

* You still came to my wedding when it wound up being in Philadelphia

* All of the things you feel are right or wrong have very specific anecdotal origins.

* You know more about classical mythology than me, and I was a classics major.

* You jumped off the grape arbor at your sister's wedding and sprained both of your ankles.

* You've been nice to everyone I've dated.

* You do a great fake dance so frequently, I think you sometimes forget which way is your "real" way of dancing.

* You used to pay rent for a hole between rose bushes.

* You didn't tell me it was a bad idea to drink tang and champagne instead of eating dinner, even though you were thinking it.

* You drink and twitter approximately 4 nights a week

* You somehow tell me what I want to hear more often than anyone else when I'm upset.

* I get upset a lot and cry a lot and you are still pretty nice about it each and every time.

* You graduated college early and decided a saddlery obviously was the best job you should take

* a keg came through your closet and you didn't break your lease.

* You love drinking tea as much as I do.

* You made me the most beautiful ring pillow ever for my wedding.

* You are always fun to talk to

* Even though we've both developed phone-phobias, I LOVE talking to you on the phone.

**** I love you and miss you.


  1. that is so terribly sweet.

  2. Well that is just lovely.

  3. wow :) what a beautiful friendship you have!

  4. I love her too! Damn - THAT is a friend.

  5. That's beautiful.

  6. You're very lucky to have a friend like that! Windwerful!

  7. Awwww. Awesomesauce! I can see you tilting your head. ;p

  8. That is awesome. I wish I had friends who thought as highly of me!

  9. Just a bunch more reasons why I can't wait to meet you at BlogHer!

  10. It is so very sweet of her to send this to you. I love when a friend does this stuff, and catches you off guard.

  11. I keep my friends as misers do their treasure, because, of all the things granted us by wisdom, none is greater or better than friendship.
    --Pietro Aretino

    You clearly have friends worthy of being kept like treasures... chin up, the rainbow is waiting on the other side of this rainy day

  12. That's really lovely...and gives me even more great insight to who you are!!

  13. aww, you are both too cute!

  14. none of that was about me, and I just cried.

  15. Now that is a special friendship.