03 June 2009

Today's beauty tip: BATHE!

"You look really nice today!"

"Yeah, well, I showered. So."

"Well if that's all it takes, maybe you should do it more often."

Apparently that IS all it takes, since every time I wake up early enough to shower in the morning, in come the nice comments, which honestly, I view as a thinly veiled critique of what I normally look like at work*.
When your son crawls into bed with you and then pees through his pull-ups TWICE, once causing you to change your sheets at two a.m., and once simply leading you to drag your pillow down onto the floor and sleep there, yeah, you'll find time to take a shower**.

*Although to be perfectly honest, I think I prefer looking like a frump, and getting compliments when I look nice, as opposed to looking nice, and getting concerned inquiries when I'm too lazy to do my hair.
**In the morning, as opposed to waiting until you get home, I DO shower regularly, I swear!


  1. I too prefer a little frump. It's just easier.

    Seems like rough nights were had all around last night.

  2. My daughter swears she gets more compliments on days when she showers in the a.m. instead of the p.m. too. I think it does make her hair look fresher or something. Maybe also people can smell your fruity shampoos and what nots a little better then too.

  3. I consider when I don't sport a pony tail to work that I look 'nice'.

  4. LMAO....I get it. Whenever I sleep in and have a 'fuck me' moment doing my hair and makeup in 5 minutes I get the most compliments.

  5. I will be very very honest here.

    I definitely don't shower as often as I'd like.

    And so, yes -- that conversation above? Happens. Every friggin time I shower. And the person telling me I look nice is my HUSBAND. You know, because apparently his point is that I am a stinky stinky beast? Dunno :)

    I swear I don't smell. Don't be scared of rooming with me @Blogher. I swear. I just wish I could shower every day instead of every other. And sometimes every third. Sometimes.

  6. I never try to look nice. I keep the expectations low so I never disappoint.

  7. So a couple things. 1) I am also a PM showerer. Showering relaxes me. I like washing off the day and having a cup of tea and waking up with hair that doesn't get mad at me with frizz. 2) I also like to be a little sloppy. I feel like it makes the dressier times fun in that novelty sort of way. 3) Whenever I go to California, I try really hard to be stylish, but I come off as either missing the mark- or WAY too conservative. Stupid bi-coastal life and a divide in style.

  8. I usually shower at night after I get home from work, but I see where that suggestion would get a little dicey for you, with the regular sheet changing and stuff. Oh I do hope that the wee one quickly gets over the midnight potties!

  9. Suuuuure you do...

  10. I pee through my underoos and my Mom gets tired of it too... I tell her that if things haven't changed after 35 years, kinda unlikely it will happen now...
    Sorry you had to read this...