15 June 2009

To cheer things up a bit.

God let's push all that angst a little further down on the page shall we?

Last week Baylee (who I know from Junior High, and who is adorable, and who is new to blogging, and who has two adorable sons) tagged me for a meme where you post your favorite picture of yourself.

I usually don't participate in memes and "awards" and what not because I'm lazy and THE PRESSURE I CAN'T TAKE THE PRESSURE WITH ALL THE DIFFERENT RULES ETC BLAH, but this one I haven't seen before so I wanted to share.

However I don't have a favorite picture of myself. I have some pictures where I think I look prettier than normal, and some that I think are funny, but I can't think off the top of my head of any OH EM GEE LOVE pictures.

So here's a picture of me with Gabriel that I like, not because it's particularly flattering, but because we were having such a good time, and I think it shows. We were just goofing around and taking pictures in the living room some afternoon after work.


Your turn!


  1. I love pictures like this, unposed. You can see how happy you both are. Were you giving him rasberries on his cheek?

  2. That is a great photo. In fact, I'm going to go blow some raspberries on my kids right now!

  3. Very cute! love the photo...I think I might just print it up and throw it in with the rest in my walet

  4. These are my favorite moments. I'd rather have a computer full of these than those fancy Kiddie Kandid photos anyday.

  5. Awesome. You can see the joy pouring out of both of you.

  6. That is an awesome photo. My faves are almost always the candids, too.