15 June 2009


My last post was the 666th and yes I am superstitious and yes it is bothering me so yes there will be three posts today. My mail on Saturday was sort of awesome.

Here's a postcard I got from my friend Kathy:

Jenny Lady!!
Hellos and hugs to you and Gabriel and hoping you're enjoying the beginning of summer!
Santorini is kind of ridiculous, you turn around every corner and it's like you're looking at a postcard...you also turn around every corner and there are a bunch of beautiful Greek men! All a little pushy, but the majority of them very cute! :)
Can't wait to see you again soon!!
Miss you!
Love always,

Here's a card from my friend Emma:

Hello Jenny my love!
I'm in Melbourne! Finally! I am without internet and a computer for awhile (I have to visit seedy internet cafes that charge $2/15 min) so I decided to visit the Meet Me at Mike's Craft Shop, I got to their website through your blog so I thought I'd send you an original screen print card from there!
Your website lifted my spirits every day while I was battling life in Fremantle, you are such a gorgeous person, never stop sharing your life with us all!
All my love,

My friends are the best friends in the whole world.


  1. I fully enjoy sending and receiveing snail mail. It is forever... emails are not as personal and take MUCH less thought.

  2. Too much fun! All I got was the phone bill. LAME.

  3. "My friends are the best friends in the whole world."

    ...and apparently spread out around the world.

  4. a little glad I didn't write anything more personal on that postcard ;)

  5. aww, that is SO cool! i love getting postcards in the mail. they always seem to arrive when you need them the most, yanno?

    i'm glad that they could make you smile :)

    (i'm totes superstitious about the number 666 too)

  6. Awwww. how fun! I need to be like Swistle and start sending postcards so I can GET postcards!

  7. That must have lifted your spirits! I love getting mail. Like, any mail. But especially nice mail. (OK not bills.)

  8. Ysye! you got it! You love it! I love you!