07 June 2009


Oh. Are you still here?

I um....I don't have a camera.

A couple of moments that are tragically unphotographed as a result:

*My sister in a dive bar bathroom, sliding involuntarily into the splits, struggling to get up, and hitting the back of her head on the underside of the sink.

*Elliot turning three.

*Gabriel's dinosaur colony.

*My successful incorporation of one of those flower clip thingies into my hair.

*All of the boys on a woods walk.

*The looks on everyone's faces after trying a drink that tasted, to me, like Southern Comfort & grenadine. With maybe a little bit of water?

*The fact that, thanks to three new bookshelves, a coffee table, and one of those cubist organizer thingies, my apartment no longer looks like this. Although, the desk still has the creepy dolls, etc. Seriously, it's worth reading that post if only to see my creepy doll collection, which I don't believe I ever really mention.


  1. On that other post I love the comment conversation about the freaky doll limbs protruding from your cupboards.

  2. Well, you didn't get it done by Christmas, but at least the organization happened! Woot!

    What kind of camera did you have/lose?

  3. So from that other post, did you ever read Water for Elephants? It's been sitting on my dresser for several months and I haven't opened it yet. Worth reading?

  4. Gah! Dammit stop linking back to that one....it's not good for my OCD organization thing. Not.Good.At.All.

    Go buy the new camera....because a) anyone who does the splits & then suffers a head injury NEEDS that documented, and b) I want to see the hair thing.

  5. I'd like a camera embedded in my forehead so I'm always ready.

  6. Ahh, I hate when I miss photo ops because I don't have my camera with me! It's really actually the only reason that I carry a purse, so that I have my camera with me!

  7. For the rest of your life you will regret not having the moment in the bathroom on record!


  8. I misread "dinosaur colony" as "dinosaur colonoscopy". Heh.

  9. I really wanted to see the photo of your sister doing the splits in a dive bar bathroom. That has GOT to be interesting!

  10. I like this idea...photos I shoulda taken but didn't. Hmmm...might have to steal that...

    (oh, and creepy dolls freak me out. Boobs on the other hand...do not.)