04 June 2009

Girl Talk Thursday - Boozy McBoozerston

Unlike Maria, I do not have an ongoing love affair with tequila. Nay, tequila and I officially broke up in high school after a messy and abusive relationship. I rarely get hangovers. Drinking has led to vomiting less than 10 times in my life to date. That said, the smell of tequila was, for years, the smell of hangovers and vomit. We've slowly come back to neutral. I can appreciate a light-on-the-liquor margarita, and I think one of the last times I was in L.A. some girl kept buying me shots of Patron because my name is Jenny.

So. Tequila and I? Don't always get along that well, but our relationship may be on the mend.

When I went away to college and started drinking RUM! This lasted for two or three years. But, yknow, when you typically split a handle of either Captain Morgan or Bacardi with just two friends on a Friday night? Eventually rum starts to taste like burning, and you start to lose control of your extremities.
It says what you think it says

About the time I was legally old enough to drink, I started drinking gin & tonic. Preferably Bombay Sapphire or Tanqueray, but I'll drink well liquor when I'm poor. That's still my "go-to" drink, with extra limes. It's virtually always what I order in bars, and it's generally what I pick to drink if I'm the one buying the liquor.

I've never gone on enough of a vodka glut to feel like I hated vodka, although when I was 18 I distinctly remember taking shots of vodka, chased with water, and I remember that was a mistake.
I've more recently discovered that vanilla vodka + ingredient of your choice = magical fairy drink.
While I can't stand licorice, I think that Jager & Coke is surprisingly delicious.
I'm always willing to try new froufrou girly cocktails, but I'll never mix dairy and liquor (well, never again- white russians, I'm looking at you!). I'm not a fan of whiskey, but I've been known to enjoy it on occasion, mostly as a result of peer pressure, but once, when I was freezing my ass off in Lesotho, whiskey poured generously into a hot cup of cocoa was the only thing that kept me from setting myself on fire in an effort to keep warm.

I typically don't take shots, because I don't like them, but I'm occasionally coerced:

Throughout it all, I'm also a lover of beer and wine, but yknow, that's more of a side hobby. Really quick though: For wine, I know nothing, so 2 Buck Chuck does me just fine. Beer Favorites-Sierra Nevada, Fat Tire, Pacifico, New Castle, Smithwick's, Guinness, St. Pauly Girl, PBR. I could list more, but I'll spare you.
Class. The Definition.

Oh! I am a big fan of drinking pink box wine, particularly on Valentine's Day.
Schenectady, 2002?


  1. RUM

    PS I like the random boot in that last photo.

  2. OHDEARGOD. I officially fucking love you. That is all. (iz also a lush)

  3. Hahahah!! I laughed at the "Eventually rum starts to taste like burning, and you start to lose control of your extremities" due to some experiences with Captain Morgan. Just the smell of it makes me laugh at the memories it has afforded me.

    Happy Girl Talk Thursday!

  4. LOL!

    I'm good friends with Jack Daniels.

    Tequila, the smell and taste, make me want to DIE. Yeah, not a good relationship with tequila.

  5. My first experience getting sick from drinking was with Gin. To this day, I still can't even stomach the smell of it. Gag!

    I'm a beer girl for the most part.

  6. Liquor break-ups are hard, and someone always gets hurt. Usually me. Tequilla and I broke up after a stormy romance on Cinco de Mayo. Turns out I am allergic. I didn't know it b/c I am not allergic to anything and had never seen hives before.
    I have been through the EXACT same thing with Rum in college and broke up with Jim Beam in HS.
    I am happy in my current relationship with vodka.

  7. Um.... I don't drink?

    Well, I do. Just not much.

    I'm a Captain and Coke kinda guy.

  8. Wow ... if I had some extra cabbage, I'd be hitting the liquor store on the way home. That post made me THIRSTY!!!


  9. Whiskey + ginger ale = awesome

  10. I am so bad at drinking. I'll get my post up soon. I shall prove it.

  11. The pictures cracked me up. I would have had to scan my drunk photos. And I wasn't nearly as cute as you are.

    Cheers chica!

  12. you are going to blogher right?

    cause you are a fun drinker, i can tell from these pics. and i think we shall have LOTS of fun drinking.

    me and tequila? we will NEVER be friends again. EVER.

    (hope you have a PEE FREE night tonight ;) )

  13. I love you! Thanks for the vanilla vodka recipe. My sister came home from Mexico with a bottle last month and it had spilt in her luggage. After I drove her home from the airport I wanted to lick the bottom of my trunk.

  14. Dairy and booze is the devil! Evil I say! Pure eeeeevil!

    I said the same thing in my blog post...but mine was because of TGI Friday's Orange Dreamsicles. *gag* *vomit* *die*

  15. Awesome.
    Love the skeleton socks for Vday. :P

    Fun pics!

    I've had some bad times, but generally not so bad that I had to swear anything off.

  16. VANILLA VODKA. It's magic.

  17. gin and tonic with rose's lime juice and a cherry or two... it makes bartenders crazy when I tell them I don't want a lime wedge instead some cherries.... but then they get over it and throw in a few more.

    Nothing better than cherries that have been soaked in gin n tonic!

  18. Hmm. Tequila for shooting, vodka for martinis, (good) rum for special occasions.

    For well drinks, I enjoy margaritas or vodka collins. And the victorian punch at Hobson's Choice in SF.

    Beer and wine, of course. More often than any of the above.

  19. OMG, we are soooooo drinking buddies! However, I ADORE tequila. :)
    Also? Fat Tire. Check. Guiness? Check. Pacifico? Check.
    I <3 you.

  20. The one with the cigar askew in your mouth makes you look like a drunk bigshot, which just makes me adore you.

    Always love people who are willing to flash the drunken bird, as well.

  21. Also, *occasionally* coerced?

  22. You are too cute for your own good! I bet I could make you a drink or two with dairy that you would love but I definitely agree with you on the beers! I can't do the rum though, never, EVER again!!

  23. You are so cute when you're drunk!

    Me? I'm a cheap drunk. Three drinks and I'm down. It makes for a good time, with change to spare. What more could a girl ask for?


  24. I will drink any alcohol available, as long as it was made commercially. I love beer and wine, as much as I love rum and whiskey. As for my druthers, I like rum and coke when I'm being boring, but I love jello shots made with vodka and frozen Mojitos when I'm not. I can't do shots though. It gives me severe heartburn later. I don't know why, but I avoid that at all costs.

  25. i had a dream about you in which i don't remember a thing but that i kept thinking what fantastic breasts you had. i'm pretty sure this is your doing.

  26. I love tequila. We get along just fine. It's the other people around us that get upset when tequila and I get our groove on.

    Vodka is my enemy. Puking blood 20 years ago made me never look back.

    Mostly, I stick to the wine and the beer. Keeps me out of trouble.

  27. Tequila = yuck
    Rum = good times!

    Love your pics, I keep forgetting to put pics in my posts...

  28. Me and tequila are not friends.

    Not friends. at. all.

    And just in case you didn't know...bringing in Doritos as a mediator between me and tequila does NOT help the situation either.

  29. Jack is my boy, I like beer and wine and ok, most alcoholic beverages...

    See 2002...


  30. I'm all late because I just found you, but two things - I love me some tequila, but only with the required lemon & salt & I love those socks in the last shot - Awesome!