08 May 2009

Written without googling ANYTHING*

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Julia. Hot pink ankle socks, a package of curiously fancy looking gum, and a Lady Gaga CD. It cheered me right up, although I'm a little concerned about the fact that Gabriel has a new favorite CD.

But seriously, I was listening to it, and I was like, whoa, THIS is Lady Gaga? She sounds like a chick! And I actually think I've heard these songs in various background roles while living my life!
Um, but seriously guys? I had just assumed that Lady Gaga was a transvestite?
So then I was going to twitter something to effect of: totally thought Lady Gaga had a penis haha silly me. But then I was like, wait. What if she really does tuck it? Cuz I'm not judging or trying to make him feel bad or anything.

Up until today, everything I know about Lady Gaga has been derived from the weird banner ads on the MySpace log in page, and to me, the person in those ads looks very obviously like a man dressed in drag, complete with creepy blonde wig and fake eyelashes. But maybe he has the voice of a songbird.


Lady Gaga.

Chick or Dick?

*I'm pretty sure Google has the answers, but why spoil my fun?


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  1. I still hold true to my belief that she is a robot.

    Only a robot can get away with 'those' clothes.
    And hair. OMG the hair.

  2. no, she's actually a mildly hot girlie girl. she just wears *really special* costumes. what's weird is that her sound is really effing commercial so the outfits don't really work for me personally. dunno.

  3. my son loves all forms of Gay Rock/Discotheque. He is nuts for LG too.
    so are you saying that LG might not be a man? I never considered that she was born a she.

  4. What a great care package!

    I'm going with post op trans sexual.

  5. i was under the impression that she as born a she, but you are making me question that.

    I also heard that she was born to rich parents and like, doesn't want ppl to know who she REALLY is.


  6. Sorry, I went to Wiki cause I had no idea who this was...now I do, but I won't spoil your fun with the answer.

  7. She's very much a she, and is a very cool chick from New Jersey. A bunch of her old, pre-LG stuff, when she was Stephanie something, is up on YouTube. I think she's effing fabulous, and her fashion sense is the bravest I've ever seen. And then a week later, you see her stuff on everybody else!

  8. Yes yes her "unplugged" stuff on YouTube is awe inspiring. Despite the ridiculous get-ups and the over-the-top clearly-focsues-on-the-Gay-man-market-appeal, she was totally born a girl and has an amazing set of lungs. I heart her.

    From my people who know people in New York, she's been singing in bars for years before making it "big". She's just a silly girl with a big homo following. (AKA the smartest marketing move ever!)

  9. umm... I did not even know it was in question... hmmm

  10. total girly girl!

    although very Bowie-esque so does lead one to speculate....


  11. Have you seen when she/he/it/whatever turns her haie into her own bow?! SA - WEET!!

  12. I don't know anything about her really. Maybe she's like Hedwig and has an angry inch.

  13. Just a chick who hangs out with all the gays. I totally get it, since that's where the fun's at, not to mention the tons of undiscovered amazing artists you get to discover.

    She's got quite the musical background, surprisingly, and I love her so!!!