04 May 2009

This, That and The Other

Weekend Goodness:

Stella cut my hair. I like it.
Gabriel and Leo (Stella's son and Gabey's BFF (which is convenient)) got to spend some much needed and oft neglected quality time together.
I successfully wore white pants.
I had lots of fun.

Weekend Fails:

Leo broke Gabriel's face.
Stella experienced some pants malfunction.
I didn't see ANY of my other Chico friends.
I did, however, run into Donkwad on Saturday night. You should forgive my misspelling of fail. I was Angry Texting.

Weekend Points of Interest:

I went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time ever. It was just as vaguely creepy as I've always envisioned.
On Saturday, with the boys playing in the living room, and Stella in there with them, I crawled into her bed. At some point I thought she crawled into bed with me. And was spooning me. And then she put her paw on my face. And I'm fairly certain that Stella does not have paws. It turned out to be her Great Dane puppy. Spooning me. I had been wondering why Stella's breath was so unappealing.
Saturday night I started taking pictures of strangers. Every time I did, someone offered to take a picture of me.


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  1. Interesting... there doesn't seem to be a PHOTO of these alleged white pants. I'm not sure I believe you.

  2. and is there a photo of the new haircut?

  3. I'm interested in the new haircut, too.

  4. uh yeah, haircut pictures are in order...

    And spooning with a great dane... I almost peed my pants while reading that... thanks for the laugh!

  5. Ugh. Effing serious? He was at the club? Nice. Winner...honesty whatnow?

  6. Dogs are the BEST spooners, I am convinced!
    Yes, pics of the haircut please! :)

  7. I'm laughing at the thought of you being spooned by a dog!

  8. Kimate is a douche sock, a douche sock, a douche sock! Kimate is a douche sock and he can go to hell! [in a chipper, sing-song voice]

  9. Haircut pic? Puh-lease?

    Also, dogs are horny creatures. A neigbor's dog totally jizzed all over my sister's leg once. It was gross.