04 May 2009

There are at least two lessons here

Gabriel was overwrought. Leo was trying to help Gabriel with his carseat. Gabriel scratched Leo. Leo scratched Gabriel. Leo came out of it looking unscathed. Gabriel looks like he's been attacked by a wild animal.

Close-Up of Gabey's face scratch

Gabriel does not generally get scraped up, as he's an exceptionally careful child. Lesson learned: Gabriel has insanely sensitive skin. His face looks much worse than it ought to, considering the damage done.

Leo was horrified, and as apologetic as a 3-year-old can be.

Gabriel started it, Leo just ended it. Lesson learned: Don't start shit you don't intend to finish.

I photoshopped out the scratches. I think it looks pretty good.

Shameless Photoshopping


  1. wow! photoshop is freaky. even all scratched up, Gabriel is beautiful

  2. Holy crap! Someone needs to get their fingernails trimmed.

  3. oh wow. i didn't even know that human fingers were capable of doing that!

  4. I love photoshop... good thing...

    I have two boys.. and Boys will be boys!

  5. Awwwww. Poor kid! Kids are brutal!
    You did a great job photo-shopping. I don't even know how to do that, but if I did, I would be photoshopping out all my icky spots. :)
    Also: OMG, he is so damn precious! I want to smooch his sweet face! And his eyes? OMG, he will be a total heartbreaker as a teen!

  6. He is so gorgeous. I wish I looked that good beaten up.

  7. heeheee another hard learned lesson!


  8. If he got all that from a three-year-old's nails, I'd get used to those faces dragging in the door over the next few years.

    You're pretty good with Photoshop!