16 May 2009

My Friday night in Tweets

(Click to embiggen.)
I got home from work and immediately brought up nipples. Spectacular success or spectacular failure? Meh, tough call.

And then I drank enough that the avatars of @BusyDadBlog & @badassdad05 started to look IDENTICAL. Because they are both wearing shirts. That's how I roll.

Is there a better way to spend a Friday night?

I think it's happening again tonight. Yknow, if you wanna play too or something.


  1. I hate it when I accidentally take pictures of my nipples.

  2. He he ... sounds like fun. I wish I had some monies to buy some liquors for a fun Sattaday night in Twittervilles, but alas, I don't ... sad poor me.


  3. Hai From the Radio Cracker's of room704!! We totes talked about you on air tonight.

  4. This kind of defeats the purpose of protecting your tweets, doesn't it?

  5. You, my new friend, are incredibly beautiful and quite badass yourself!

  6. If you really want one of us to do an avatar with no shirt, just say so. I'd let you choose which of us goes shirtless, but I've seen BusyDad with his shirt off, and there's no contest. He wins.

    Git yer tits out, BusyDad!