13 May 2009

Just keep shoveling it on

I have an acceptable weight range. At the upper end of that range is a number that's not like, gee I'm super thrilled I weigh this much, but like, I weigh X, and that's more than ideal, but not SO much that I feel ugly and worthless. Cuz look, bewbs! Big giant boobies!

At the doctor today (to talk about anxiety, of all things), I found out that I weigh a good 10lbs over the upper range of "barely acceptable."

So that sucks. (Although explains why I've been feeling so fat lately. BECAUSE I AM)

So. I'm dieting. With goals and shit.

My life sure is awesome right now.


  1. I'm with you tootsie. Only 20ish more to go on this coast...

    Good luck, let me know if you need inspiration!

  2. You are beautiful and I love you.

  3. But at least you have boobs!

  4. Good luck. I'm sure you are perfectly perfect but it is all a matter of how we feel ourselves. Cause we're women and that's how we roll.

  5. Hey. Boobs are boobs, 10lbs or not.

  6. I'm feeling gross too, and the scale reflects it.

    I blame the age of our sons. It's just so much fun to have little snacks under the kitchen table and picnics and stop for ice cream and and and and...

  7. Fucking doctors. They SUCK. Apparently, my high blood pressure and WEIGHT qualify me for special programs.

    DUDE, I don't need a fat-person scooter to shop in a mall. I can see my own crotch when I look down. I wear a normal person size in clothing. NORMAL. Fuck-a-doodle-YOU.

    I refuse to use a scale...I went on theirs backwards and told them to NOT UTTER A SOUND about numbers.

    Do you KNOW how much ginourmous boobies weigh? Alot. That's how much.

  8. Yay for the boobs!
    Boo for the Dr!

    I am feeling a little icky lately too though...mostly because I have not been going to the gym like I used....if you feel good you will look good...lose if you feel like you need to but I think you look purty hawt!


  9. boobs and cheekbones are all you need really. numbers are pointless

  10. umm... im thinking that their numbers are incorrect. whenever i look at the ideal weight range for someone my age and height, i always seem to be well above it...

    now, im by no means skinny, but i like to consider myself more on the voluptuous side. and the only person who has ever called me fat was my grandmother. and she also called me an old maid at the ripe age of 21. so, im not sure her opinion counts for anything.

    anyway, the point is, i *highly* doubt that you are actually "fat".