31 May 2009

I'm full of Ideas

*My mom, sister and I have totally extended this Going To Chico metaphor, to our endless amusement.
"Hey my mom has the kids, you wanna Go To Chico tonight?"
"My girlfriend NEVER wants to Go To Chico anymore."
"We didn't Go To Chico, we stopped in Sacramento."
"I heard it was pretty scandalous. They went all the way to Redding."
Endless hours of amusement

*I can't find my camera. I'm fairly certain I last had it at home, which leads me to believe that it must be in a pocket or an interesting shelf or a Safe Place somewhere or other, but I've cleaned my apartment top to bottom today and come up with nothing.
I wouldn't normally worry too much, but without a regular peppering of photos, y'all might notice the glaring lack of substantive content here. Yikes.
Also, Gabriel is making strawberry stew for his Lego men right now, and he's dressed as a pirate, and this moment is going undocumented.

*I can't find my debit card either. I used it to buy gas yesterday, so Reason tells me that I just didn't put it back in my wallet, that it's floating around on its own somewhere, and again with the Safe Place Mistake. Could Safe Place Mistake be the name of a blog?

*And while we're listing Things I Cannot Find:
-My mending kit, which I last had in my hands sometime last week, when I took it away from Gabriel. I've been looking for it ever since, as I have two pairs of pants in need of button repair.
-My knitting needles, last seen God Knows When, but I have something like 25 pairs, so I can't quite figure how it's reasonably possible that they all just up and walked away. I've been half-heartedly searching for about a month now, but have yet to launch a full-scale Hunt.
All of these lost things are especially vexing as I have a one of those tiny apartments where everything has a home and if that thing should end up Out instead of Away, it's instantly apparent because there it is! On my couch! Or on the coffee table!

*Apropos of nothing, someone should start up a series about things to Avoid When Drinking Alone, such as Lifetime Original Movies, and Skype.


  1. I hate losing things. It makes me crazy crazy crazy.

    Hope you find everything.

  2. I prefer your "can't find my camera" to my "iPhone snatched and stolen" experience. Because you'll find yours. Whereas mine is probably being sold on Craigslist right now.

  3. Maybe you left it all in Chico!

    Girl, all I can say is, just wait until you hit your forties. Nothing can be found or remembered, ever. You are in so much trouble if you're starting this early ;)

  4. Do you have heating/AC grates in your appartment?

    We found many a lost item when we pulled our's up to have a peek...thanks to son. Also...discovered he'd been peeing down one in his room. Nice. He was around Gabe's age at the time...

  5. I have been losing things too...starting with my mind. I actually used to freak out when I lost things but now I just realize that likely they are temporarily misplaced. It amazes me though the places they turn up. Hope you find them soon!

  6. Found my debit card: IN MAH POCKET.

    Everything else remains tragically MIA.

  7. "She said it was her first time in Chico but she knew her way around town".

  8. LOVE the Going to Chico!

    Good luck findind your stuff. My apartment is a little one too, but it's always eating stuff. I swear, it eats stuff...

  9. Chico, that's so the OC :) I hate losing my debit card. That is such a pain in the butt to replace.

  10. I HATE it when I lose things in my pockets.

  11. Things to avoid while drinking alone?

    Don't drink and dial.
    Don't drink and comment.

  12. I dunno Employee No. 3699, I do some of my BEST commenting while drinking alone.

  13. If someone starts up a 'Things not to do while drinking alone' I'd have to nominate 'chat with a big-headed dumbass from the south in yahoo chat' as top of the list.

  14. I hate it when stuff gets lost. We lost a huge griddle in the move. A griddle. Like, seriously? Where is it hiding?!

  15. my ex would chronically lose important paperwork (birth certificate, etc) so I literally made him a file folder in his firesafe called "a safe place".... whenever he looks for something important now, it's always in "a safe place."

    i felt extra clever.